Previous Slavery in Canada (1899)


INDEX.   161

Violet. slave, 19.

Virginia, slave-law in, 107. Volumes consulted. a.

Vroom. Jas., cited, 28.


W'allbridge sells slave, 41. Walter, Lvode. 39. Ward, J.. bun slave, S3. Warwick, Mr.,

presents slave-owners' petition, t t 7. Washington, Gen.. demands escaped slaves, 2t. Watson, T., has slave. 18. Weekly Rehearsa4 adv. in, S. Wenman, It. frees slave, 91. Wentworth, Sir John,

brief sketch of, 51.n

baptism of his slaves. 51, 52 ; letters from him, 51. lac;

sends slaves 10 Surinam, 51, 118; report tram him on slavery, 6a. West, Thos..

supposed first slave in N. B., to. West Indies,

slaves brought from, 5. 34   ; slaves sent to. for sale, 119;

free Negro sold there, Ian; planters in, and Halifax merchants, 123.

Westmoreland, N. B., slaves in. 63, 66, 67. Wilkins. Isaac,

has slaves. 23 ;

his residence, at :

slaves. expense of, 93. Wilkins, Judge, tit. Wilkinson. M., 89.

William. slave. 36.

William, faithful slave. 37. Williams. R. buys slaves. 13; W':II'ums, Reuben,

has slaves. 30.

Williams. Thos. and Ann. reference to, 15 and is.


evidence regarding slavery. 1m. Wilmot. Gov.,

reference to, 103, s.

Wilmot, X. S., slaves at, 34, 53. Wilson, J.. slave-owner, 15. Windsor. N. S..

slaves at. 12, 15, 16, ga. 77 ; legend of murder of slave, 77. Winniett, J.,

slave-holder. I S ; treatment of slave-by, 8:. Winniett. Magdalen, slave-holder, Is. Winslow, Edw..

has slaves, 24 ;

removes to New Brunswick. 31. Wise, Sally and Adam, slaves haptised,85. Wiswell• Rev. Jno., message to his slave. 7}

Wood. )larv. buys slave. 13.

Wood. Rev. Thos., reference to. 15, a. Woodin. W".,

action of J. De Lancey against, toe.


Woodstock. N. B..

slaves at. 29. 31. 83, 86. Worcester. Mass.,

anti-slavery decision at. not. Wright, Nath., Loyalist, 68.


Yarmouth. History of.

quoted. 6y.

Yarmouth. N. S.,

slaves at. 63. St. 92 ;

conduct of freed blare at, 8s, 82. Yorkshire settlers,

and slavery. 18.

Young Isaac, slave-owner. 25. Young. J., slave-holder. 18.

•• Votive shook de lion's paw   139.

Previous Slavery in Canada (1899)