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154   INDEX.

Milligan, Sippio• slave. 67.

Milner, V. C.. 67.

Mingo family,

J. McGregors interest in mother of. 57•

Ministers, slavebo!ding,

American, 9, 5S :

Canadian, 8, 16, 36, it, 55. 59, 74, t t6.

Mitchener, Abel,

offers reward for slave, ti Mittleberger, J., buys slave, 36. Mohawk Valley, The,

conflict there, 35;

slaves captured there. 33. 36.

slave owner. 13 and n.   Monk, Ch.-justicr.

Maria. slave. baptized. 85.   his decisions regarding slaves, 96,

Marianne, slave enfranchised by will,   97.

91.   Montague, C., frees slave. 9,.

Maritime Provinces.   Montreal,

slaves, no. of. brought. 1753-84,32;   slaves at, 3. 34. 36. 96;

slavery in, of mild tape. 74.   stave sales at, 35, 36. 38;

Marriages of slaves. 3I. 37. 88.

Marshall, Jos, has Maven. 26. Marshall, Judge, cited, 1: t. Martin, D., stave owner, 25. Martin, slave, 57.

>fartyn, Lacy, slave, 67. Martyn, Peter, slave, 67. Mann. Capt. S.,

brings slaves.. 1&

Man', slave, 04.

Mary Ann, slave baptized, 86.

slave, 3;.


slavery in, toe, 127; influence of South in, 129.

Matthews stave girt, 34.

Mauger, Joshua,

sketch of, 1o,,,.;

sells slaves. to.

Maugenilk. N. B.,

staves at. 3o, S1, S5. 85: treatment of slavers at. St ; burial of slave at. 86 ; slave-sexton at. 86, n.

Maxwell, Capt.. slave-owner. 31. Messenger. E., has slaves, t s.

Miles. Elijah,   various spellings of name, 74.

slave-owner. 3y :   Mungo, slave. t z.

kind treatment of staves by, St ;   Murdock's history,

slaves of. baptized, S6.   cited. 6. a. 07. n, toe.

Military authorities,   Murray. Mrs. M.,

offer reward for stave. t 2.   enfranchises slaves. at.

Millet, %Vm., offers slave for sate, 71. Musquodoboit, N. S., slaves at, 23.

Mainwaring, Capp slave-holder. 68.

Manchester, N. S.,

slave illegally treated at, So. 3langham. R'm.. buys slave, 54. Manuel, slave, 82.

Manuel, slave boy, 55. Mansfield, Lord,

decision of, 94 :

anti-slavery influence of,99. Manumission of staves, by F. \V. Hecht, 6o; by John Hume. 61 ; by Robert Baird, 61.

Margerum. John,

number at, in 1784. 38;

Negroes brought from New York to, 33;

court at, gives up slaves to plaintiff, 3S;

interesting derision, at. 96 ;

latest pubic slate silt at, 39.

.9n!real Gazette,

slave ads s. in, quoted. 38 Montreal Historical Society.

•• Memoires -' referred to, 3.

Masonic body,   Moores. The, Mares baptized, 86. exclude member for homicide of Morton. Nance•, a slave, io3.

Morton case, The Nancy,

save brought before court, 103; opinions of judges in, tot:

slave res-o nveyed to W. Bailey, w5. Morrison, A., has slaves, a;. Morse. CoL,

his report on Loyalists, 32. >loses, Zip, anecdote of. 89.

Moses, slave, harried, S7.

Moses, (Harriet Tubmanl,

slave deliverer, 139.

Mosebv. a slave,

his escape to Canada. 132 ; rescue at Niagara. 133.

" • Mulattoes",

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