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INDEX.   151

Earle, Mrs. Alice M., cited,

on slavery in New England, 7, 8 ; on Indian slaves, 73. n.

on slave life in Connecticut, 75. East Indies, slave-girl from,

liberated by Judge Allen, 74. Ellegoode, Col. Jacob,

owns slaves, 31 :

baptism of his slaves. S5; grandson of, 31, n.

Elgin Association,

inse. rated. 140.


Imperial Act of 1833, 124.

in Canada. 125 ;

results of to N. S., 123 ;

Halifax 'merchants and, 124. Enfranchisement of slaves in 1512,122 English opinionson N. S. slavery, log. Escapes,

of slaves to Canada, 329, 130. 135. Evans, Henry. has slave, t5.

Earn inc Post, The N. \'., quoted,137. Everetts, The, Kingston,

hold slaves, 40.

Estee, Ch.-justice of Bermuda, cited on slavery, 346.


Fairbanks, J., his bequest to slave, 84 Falmouth, N. S., slaves at, 12, 35.62. Fame, John, slave, t}

Fanning. Gov-., manumits slaves. 70. Farish, slave-holder, 79.

Field, Chas..

has Indian slave at Niagara. .1S : advertisement of Indian slave by, 72.

Finkle's Point, Rath, Out., treatment of slave at. 77.

First slave in New Brunswick, it. Fitch. Simon. slave conveyed to, 65. Flora. slave set free by will. 91. Fonda, Major,


Food allowance of slaves, 52.

Fort Cumberland, N. B.,

slaves at. 38.

Fort Lawrence. N. S.,

slaves at. 1S. 88.

Fortune, Richard, slave,

bequest to, 84.

Forst, Abraham,

buys and conveys slave, 51. France,

institutes slavery in Canada, 3. Francis, slave, freed by will, 91. Fraser. Rev. Ed., account of. 90, a. Fraser, J., unable to retain slave. 96.

Fraser. Hon. Thos.,

has slaves, 42.

Fredericton, N. B.

slaves at. 31. 103, 1051

slave trial at, 103 ;

duel at, 104.

Fredericksburg. Out., slaves at, 40. Freedman, An aged. in court, 49. Freedmen,

treatment of by British. 21, 122. Free Neg. .,

arrive in Mar. Provinces. 21, 131. of mixed blood, 73 and n. z. Fromand. slave carried off by, 119. Frontenac, Sieur de, 4.

Fugitives from slavery, Early, 6, US-Fugitive Slave Law, 128. 341-


Gagetown, N. B.,
slaves at ;o:

baptism of slaves at, 86. Garrison, W. L. 128. Casette. Royal. N. B.,

advt. of slave. 71. 116; runaway slave. 71. Gazelle. Royal, .V. S.. notice of slave sale in, 71.

Gazelle, Sr. John, cited, ,o5. Gerrish, 1., estate of, 13. George. David. 89

Giddings. J. It. aids escape, 135. Gill, slave, 30. 63.

Government. C'. S.,

ceases to compromise. 145 : passes amendment to Constitution,


Grant. Jas, slave. 6z.

Grant. Capt. John,

biographical note, 93• n 1 has slaves, 25;

expense of slaves of, 931 sets Slave, 54. 93.

Grant. Sirs. S., has slaves, 25. Granville, N. S., slaves at. 15, 24, 84. Gray, Jesse, sells slave. 54. Gray. Robert, solictor-gen'I. C. C..

an earnest friend of Africans, 441 frees slaves by will, 49, 95; lost inn Speedy", 49.

Greeley. Horace. quoted. 92. 143• Green. Benj.. Jr.,

executor of slave property, 14. Green. T, buys and sells slave, loo. Guinea slaves rated high, 73. Guthrie, Robe., has slave, 63. Guvshoro0gh, slaves in. z6; slaves with Loyalists in, 32.

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