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D50   INDEX.

Condon. Jas..   Deschamps, Ch.-justice, 15.
Spanish Indian man servant Destiny of the slave, 117.

bequeathed to. 74.   Diana, slave girl. t7.

Conflict in Iansas, effect of, ,. .   Diana Bestial, slave, 33.

Congo. Caesar, slave, 42.   Diary, Haldimand's. 34. Connecticut, slavery in, 74. 107. and Dick, slave, 30, 6z.

n.   Dickson, R, estate of. 64.

Constable, Abr.. buys slaves, 13.   Dickson, Col. Thos.

Conversion not freeing staves, 76.   his daughter wife of James Law,

Cornwallis and Horton,   66.

slaves at, 16. 17, 74 ;   Digby, N. S.,

slaves with loyalists at. 3z.   saves at. z5. 5z;

Cornwell, Charles, 65.   slaves with Loyalists at. 32.

Cornwell, George, has slaves. 24.   Dinah, slave, message to, 74. Cornwell. Thos., sells slave girl. 53. Dittman. Douwe,

Cosby. Mrs.. frees slave. 91.   has slaves. z5

Cottrell. "no.. a slave, 79.   has slaves baptized. 86.

Country Harbor,   Duman. John. 25.

slaves with Loyalists at, 32.   Dixon, Catherine.

Coulborne. Chas., has slaves, zf.   witness to conveyance of slave, 67. Cowboys'', " Commander of the, Doriand, T., has slaves. 40.

Documents, Public, of N. S., quoted,

list of Loyalists, 25;

Grants to Quaker and Anabaptist settlements, r

Wentworth Letters, 52. 120.

Loyalists in P. E. I., 68.

Dorchester Papers. 73. M. Dorchester Papers, ref. to, 73, tr. Douce. Pierce. 119.

Dred Scott case, 1:7, tz8, 1.4. Duel at Fredericton. 104, 105.

Duke of Kent. Life of, cited, 39. Dumfries. N. B., slaves at, 31. Dechampigny,

urges slavery in Canada, 4.

De la Decouyerte,

brings slave to Quebec, 5. DeFrontenac,

cautioned by Louis XIV., . Delancey. James, slave owner, 25 ; slaves of, baptized. 86 ;

runaway slave of, toy:

action ot. against W. lVoodin, k to ; a determined upholder of slavery,


slaves in inventor' of estate of. 1 t5. DeLisle, Rev. D. C.,

purchases slave, 36.

DeMolitor. Capt., has slaves, 25. DePeyster. Abr. buys slaves, 63. De St. Croix. J. T.,

has slaves, st :

leaves bequest to slave, N. DeWolfe. Benj..

o ff e r s reward for Negro, I : ;

his acccent beck, referred to, 129.

k 10.

Cox. Ja%, 59, 6z.

Cox. George, slave, 62.

Craft. Helen, escape of. 138. Crawler, E., deed of gift by, 5g. Creamer. B.,

slaves in inventory of. Qy. Creed. Vm., owner of slave, 7o. Creighton, Col., and slavery, t¢ Cromwell, slave. tz.

Cruelties by Indians, 36.

Cruelty to staves, 34, 76. 77, 81, tzt. Cumberland,

slaves at. IS;

slaves with loyalists at, 32. Cumming, H.,

slave, mentioned in will, 8.. Curler, Abraham,

his memorial to the king, 33 ; has slaves, 33.

Cyclopedia, Appleton's, quoted, 145.


Darius Snider. negro, 33. Dartmouth. N. S.,

slaves with Loyalists at, 32.

Dave. slave boy. c3.

Davis, Surgeon. slave-holder, 68. Davoue, Fred, slave-owner, 24, 8y Day, Mrs. M., 15.

Decline of slavery. Qa

Deed of gift, Interesting. 59. Delesdernier family, The,

slaves willed to, .4.


advises slavery in Quebec, . Denson, Col. H. D_, has slaves, 15

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