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INDEX.   149


description of, by Negro, 139: historians of, ignore slavery, t ; Indians capture slaves of rebels,


no discrimination in color of fugitives in, 138;

place of training to slaves, 146 ; slavery in, existence of, questioned, , ;

slavery in. of French institution. 3 ; slavery confirmed by British capture of. 5 1

the stave's only refuge. t2S. Canadians ask for slaves, .f. Canadian Institute, Transactions of,

quoted. 5. 146.

Canniff, Dr., his " Upper Canada" quoted. 41, 44, 95, 121.

Canseau mentioned, 6.

Cape Breton,

Abraham Cuyler, early official in, 33 :

homicide of slave in. 34, 75 ; Licit. James sent to explore. 33; number of slaves in, unknown, 33; settlers in, 33.

Cape Sable. fugitive at, 6. "Captain York a slave, 41. Carleton. Sir Guy (Lord Dorchester),

character of, it :

his proposal to Washington, zz, w ; frees slaves. 21

sends them to N. S., 22 ; reference to "Dorchester Papers", 73 and a.;

Carman, R., slave of, baptized. 86. Carnahan, Miss, cited, 1z9, t3z. Caro:ina,

slave-marriage in N., 88.

slave sold in, 13.

Cartwnghts, The, Kingston, Ont., hold slaves. 40.

Casey. T. W.. cited, 77.

Catharine. mulatto slave, 70.

Cato. slave,

enfranchised conditionally, 91. Cato, save, cited. 81.

Challenge to duel.

declined by Judge Allen, 101. Chambers. John. Loyalist, 68. Chance. slave, 12.

Chandler, Mrs-.

has slaves. 25 ;

slaves of, baptized, 86.

Charles. slave. 25.

Charles, save, 36.

Charles, slave. baptized, 86. Charlevoix cited. 3. O. Charlotte,

slave. released on habeas mrpsa,96. Chariotletown, P. E. I., Loyalists at, 68;

slaves sold at, 69:

Weekly Examiner quoted. 71. Chatham. Ont.,

" Uncle Torn" at, 112


John Brown at, 142.

Chattel. The slave a, no.

Cheerful Yesterdays" cited, 8t. a., 129. 138. 143-

Chipman. Ward,

correspondence with Ch.-justice Blowers, 9S, no, sot, 103, 10$, tog. 119;

publication of his Brief for slave,

104, a..   p~

Chke, slave, anecdote of, 8g Church ordinances.

slaves share in, 85.

Clark. Col., Memoirs of, quoted, Clarks. The, own slaves, 40. Clarke, Rev. R., 117.

Clarkson, Lieut. J.,

his fleet sails for Sierra Leone, 23; his journal cited. 77, 78, 79, 80,85, 80;

carried off few slaves, 'S. Clement, Mrs.,

offers slaves for sale, .g. Clements, N. S., slaves at. 25, S9. Clo'. slave, ,6.

Cock. Rev. D.,

slave-owner, 55 :

protested against by J. McGregor. 38

rallied by others, 57. a

tested by standard of that day. 58 Coffin. Major J., has slaves. 30. Cole. Tamar, slave, co.

Collections of N. B. Historical Society,

paper of J. Vroom quoted, 28 and a; Collections of N.S. Historial Society, Dr. T. B. Akins cited, 6;

J. J. Stewart cited, to.


the old form three groups, 49; slave-law in various, 107;

slavery recognized in, 1 ii. "Colonial Days in Old New York' quoted. 73, A.

Conant, Thos., cited, 138.

Condon, Benj.. 7{.


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