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IN 13 E X.

Abduction of slave, t 2o.   America. B. N., savers, mild, 74, 75. Abolition of slavery in B. N. A., 1x3. Amherst, slaves at, 18, 62, 8j. Abolition Society of Pennsylvania, Amy Pompadour, slave, 48.

113.   Anabaptist settlement in N. B., z6

Absalom, a slave. it..   Anderson, J., fugitive slave, 144.

Acadian Retarder, cited, 123.   Anderson, Ensign, slave bolder, 68.

Act of British Parliament,   Andrew, slave buried. 86. making slaves liable to be sold, 6; Ann, slave baptized. 86. for encouraging new settlers, 43, Antigonish.

I r2 ;   slaves with Loyalists, 32.

repealing Act of Geo. IL, 95 ;   Antigua, slave-law in, to7.

on writ of habeas corpus, 144.   Annapolis. N. S.,

Adam. a slave, ty.   absence of early records at. 6:

Adoiphustown. Ont..slaves at,4o,4 t.   slaves at. 6. 15. 24. 53, 64. 74, 77,

Africanus. Scipio and Susannah,   83. 85. 86, qt, 98, toy;

slaves baptized. 86. 86a.   baptism of slaves at, 86;

Agatha. a slave freed by will, 91.   slaves with Loyalists at, 32 :

Aged freedman, An.   slave-owners remove from, 29;

in court at Ottawa, 49.   treatment of slave at, 77.

Agnew. Stair,   Aplin, Joseph,

has slaves. 3t. 104, toy. 114   opinion of, in '•Jack" case, to6,

challenges to duel, toy ;   t 08 ;

is second in duel, toy ;   opinion supported by English autb-

reconveys slave, to3.   orities. tog, 110.

Allardice. A., conveys slave. 54.   Apprenticeship system in W. Indies,

Allen, Judge.   124.

has slaves, 24 ;   Archibald, Matthew,

removes to N. B.. 31


frees slaves, 74, 1 14:

issues writ of habeas corpus, 103; his opinion in Nancy Morton case, toy :

declines challenge. nay.

Allen, Joseph,

brings slaves to Canada, 4o; sells slaves, 41

slaves of, run away. 41.

Allen, Sarah, conveyance of slave by, 67-

Allison, Alice, widow of Joseph A, 65. Allison, John, adm'r. of J. Allison's will, 65.

Allison, Joseph, will of, 65. sty. Allison, M.. slave baptized, 86. Allison. Wm., adm'r. of J. Allison's

will, 6S.

Amelia, a slave, 7o.

American Regt., Royal Fencible, officer of, slave-bolder. 68.

bun slave. 16:

friend of Rev. D. Cock, 56. Archibald. S. G. W., 36, n. Argyle. N. S.. slave at, 54_ Archives, Canadian,

quoted. 32. 34. 35, 46, 119. Arminian Magazine, cited, 78, n. Arnold, Rev. O., 117.

Assistance acknowledged, t. Auction slave sale, Last, p. Authors consulted, t.



B. Dr., of Lunenburg,

slave illegally sold to, So. Bacchus, Newton. a slave. 67. Baird, R., manumits slave, 6t. Raker. John. a slave,

interesting history of, 48. Bancroft. History of U. S. cited, 75, 76. 92 and a.

Baptism of slaves, 5t, 52. 85, 86.

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