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words of one of their number, shook the lion's paw"; and under the British flag in Canada had found freedom, shelter, education for " the life that now is and for that which is to come", and thus at least partial preparation for the duties of Christian citizenship.

Many of these, on the proclamation of emancipation, returned to their former neighborhoods, where not a few of them have made commendable use of advantages conferred upon them in helping others who had been denied their privileges.

These two great nations, Great Britain and the United States, harmonious now as never before, have together banished from earth the idea that it is right for one man to make another man his property.

When Britain had abolished slavery in the West Indies and Bermuda, an eminent Bermudian, Chief justice Esten, wrote : " Happy had it been for these favoured isles. favoured in climate and most attractive in beauty, if the foot of slavery had never stalked over the land. As mercy is said to be twice blessed, so slavery is twice cursed—a curse to the master and a curse to the slave". And when the United States at a later period had struck off the long-worn fetters of their bondmen, though with-out such compensation to the owners as had been provided by Britain. a Southern senator said to the faculty and students of Middletown Wesleyan University : „ Slavery is gone, and I am glad of it. I feel that I myself am liberated.

From such data may be estimated Canada's gain through the early abolition of slavery.

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