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he shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years ". Similar extracts from other wills have been given on a previous page because of some appendage in the way of aid or support to the enfranchised slaves.

An important reason for the decline of slavery lay in its inadaptation to a northern climate. The shortness of the ceason favorable to the products of the earth, and the length of the winter, with its expense of food, clothing and shelter, rendered slavery to any great extent an unprofitable thing in a northern climate ; on the other hand the successive and varying natural products of the warmer zone all favored the expansion of slavery at the South, and caused it to become a very important industrial element. " New York", said George Bancroft many years ago,

had imported as many Africans as Virginia". And, he added " that it is not a slave state like Carolina is due to climate and not to the superior humanity of its founders".t This fact of climate to no small extent accounts for the divergence of opinion between the representatives of the northern and southern colonies at the consolidation of the republic several years after their achievement of independence, when six states voted against the extension of slavery beyond certain limits, and—important lesson to all ages—the absence of one representative from a certain state fastened upon the new nation a terrible evil, only recently thrown off at a tremendous cost of human life and treasure.'

r " History of United States ", vol. ii., p. 303.

' On April tq. r;S;, the question was pat to vote in Congress. "Shall the words referring to the prohibition of slavery tbro0ghout the entire Union after the year 'Soo. which had been moved to be stricken out, stand An affirmative vote of a majority of all the states voting being required. the restriction proposed failed, the absence of a member from New jersey rendering the vote of that mate null for want of a quorum. .. Humanly speaking". remarks Horace Greeley. "we may say that this accident—a most deplorable and fatal accident—of the absence of a member from New jersey prevented the adoption at that time of a proposition which would have confined slavery in our country within the limits of the then existing states, and precluded all reasonable probability of subsequent contention. collision, and hloody strife touching its extension

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