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parish, baptized "Crsar Broadstreet, a servant to Peter Ryerson ; Nathanael and John, servants of Captain [Elijah] Miles; Edward Ludlow, servant to Mr. [Richard] Carman ; Margaret Allison. servant to Mrs. Allison

Scipeo Africanus, Susannah Africanus, Mary. Osman and Cornelius Moore, all Black adults on " April 26. 1i91, John. a black servant child of Mr. John Simonson ; and on October 3, 179;, Ann and Mary Ann, Mr, Simonson's black children”, and also " Elizabeth and Easter Longmuire, black adults of Mr. Lawton". Richard Clarke, the first rector of Gagetown, N. B.. has in his register, under date of January 1, 1788, an entry of the baptism of " Maria, an adult, and Lydia. servants of Col. Ludlow", a brother of Chief-justice Ludlow; and another, dated St. John, March 6. r788, of " Bettie, a Negro wench", and " Charles, ye son of Bettie". Among recorded baptisms at Annapolis are those of slaves belonging to the families of Chandler. DeLancey, Ditmars, Polhemus and Sneeden. Records of burials of colored people, distinctly reported as servants or slaves, are less frequent than those of baptisms. One is found in the Maugerville record under date of July 27, 1;83: " Buried Rachel, a black woman—servant of William Hubbard, Esq." ; another appearing in the register of St. George's parish, Sydney, C. B., has been quoted on a previous page., A similar entry of a later date is the record of the funeral of " Andrew, a servant of Captain

1The Rev. R. W. Colston, rector of 3laugenile, in an account read at memorial services held in that parish on August 315t. 1898, is reported to have said : " At the vestry meeting in 1790 the first sexton was elected. Scipio. the colored slave of Eliza [Elijah?) Miles Four years afterwards Scipio received a surname, Africanus." If the quotation from the record, he correct, as given in the text, it would seem as if the poor fellow had been burdened with the das_sic title at his baptism. in 1788, or perhaps at an earlier date.

' See page 33.

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