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they were to have their freedom at the age of thirty-six, " and not otherwise")

But few legally-attested, immediate manumissions are to be found among the records of that period. On the zrst December, 1786, an interesting document of the kind was duly registered in the office of the registry of deeds. St. John, New Brunswick :

To all people to whom these presents shall come Frederick William Hecht, Esquire, of the City of St. John, in the Province of New Brunswick, sendeth greeting. Whereas a certain Molatto Man now called Joshua Moore, born in the city of New York in America the nineteeth day of April one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six, in a state of slavery to the said Frederick 'William Hecht, and as a slave to the said Frederick William Hecht has continued to the date of these Presents, Now know ye that the said Frederick William Hecht, for Himself, his Heirs, Executors, Administrators, hath renounced and disclaimed, relinquished, and by these presents cloth clearly and absolutely renounce, relinquish, disclaim and release unto the said Molatto Joshua Moore all the Estate, Dominion, Right. Title, Interest. Claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said Frederick William Hecht in Law or Equity of in over and to the Person and Services of the said Molatto Joshua Moore, hereby declaring and making the said Joshua Moore to all Intents and purposes whatever manumitted and discharged from a state of Slavery and the service of the said Frederick William Hecht, his Heirs, Executors, and Administrators forever as if freeborn. In Witness whereof the said Frederick William Hecht hath hereunto set his Hand and Seal this Nineteeth Day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-six.'


Sealed and delivered In presence of


See Book 28, p. 26.

' Frederick William Hecht was "senior assistant commissary in Nova Scotia" in Feb., 1784, having his office at Fort Howe, St. John.

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