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acknowledged herself a slave and the property of the within-named Captain Alexander Campbell". Nearly two years later Thomas Green, by a similar document and for the same amount, transfers the said Negro woman to Abraham Forst, gentleman, of Halifax, who one year later conveys, with all his other property, the " certain Negro woman or wench called Nancy, with her child called Tom", to Gregory Townsend, Esq., assistant naval storekeeper.

A wholesale baptism of slaves took place in St. Paul's church, Halifax, on February loth, 1784. To the record, by the minister, the Rev. Dr. Breynton, is appended, •' Negroes christened belonging to Governor NVentworth ".t A letter from John R'entworth, Esq., dated Halifax, N. S., Feb. 24th, 1784, and addressed to '• Paul

'Wentworth, or to his attorney at Surinam", Dutch

Guiana, where his "affectionate kinsman" had a large estate in which the writer of the letter had some concern, has an interesting reference to this baptism


I herewith inclose to you a bill of lading for nineteen negro slaves, shipped by me on board Schooner Patty, Lemuel Little master, for account and to be employed on the Estates. and for the use of my dearest friend and relation, Paul Wentworth, Esq. I also enclose herewith a Receipt for Sundry provisions shipped for the use of these slaves. And it is agreed that the surplus of their consumption shall be delivered to you on account of Mr. \W. free of all expenses and demands whatsoever. This addition of valuable slaves I trust will be exceedingly useful, as they are ail either American born or well seasoned, and are perfectly stout, healthy, sober, orderly, industrious and obedient.

Isaac is a thorough good carpenter and master sawyer, perfectly capable of overseeing and conducting the rest

John Wentworth, Eq., had been the last Royal governor of New Hampshire. In July, 1183, he had been appointed "Surveyor-General of his Majesty= s Woods in Nova Scotia and other his Majesty's Territories in North America ". A few years after this he was made a baronet and appointed lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia.

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