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  1. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the second Tuesday of February of each year, at 8 p. m., at which meeting there shall be chosen a President, three Vice-Presidents, a Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Treasurer. At the same meeting four members shall be chosen, who, with the foregoing, shall constitute the Council of the Society.

The election of members to serve on the N. S. Library Commission, under the provisions of Chapter 17, N. S. Acts of 1880, shall take place each year at the annual meeting, immediately after the election of Officers and CounciL

  1. All communications which are thought worthy of preservation shall be minuted down on the books of the Society, and the original kept on file.

  2. Seven members shall be a quorum for all purposes at ordinary meetings, but at the Annual Meeting in February, when ten members shall form a quorum. No article of the constitution nor any by-law shall be altered at any meeting when less than ten members are present, nor unless the subject has either been discussed at a previous meeting, or reported on by a committee appointed for that purpose

q. The President and Council shall have power to elect Correspond. ing and Honorary Members, who shall be exempt from dues ; and the duties of the Officers and Council shall be the same as those performed generally in other Societies.

to. The Publication Committee shall consist of three, and shall be nominated by the Council. To them shall be referred all manuscripts, etc, for publication, and their decision shall be final.


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