Previous Pioneers of Ontario (1923)



"A very handsome series of histcrical biographies."—The Times, London, Eng.

" A delightful medium through which to acquire a knowledge of the history of Canada."—Sir Edmund Walker.

" THE MAKERS OF CANADA should be in the library of every Canadian who wishes to know the history cf his country."—Sir Sandford Fleming, K.C.M.G.

" I congratulate you heartily on the success of THE MASERS OF CANADA. It needed something like genius to plan and carry through so great an enterprise; it needed above all faith and courage in the face of many and great difficulties. You have achieved a great task."—George AI. Wrong, Professor of History, University of Toronto.

" It must be a source of much satisfaction to know that the scholars of both hemispheres have commended your undertaking, which has itself contributed in a signal way to the making of Canada. To have united the leading minds of both sections of the Dominion in so illuminating a service is a triumph, in the celebration of which it is an honour to be asked to share."—John Reade, F.R.C.S., Literary Editor, Montreal Gazette.

" We have had no more important contribution to Canadian literature than THE MAKERS OF CANADA. These biographies are marked by careful waiting, and moderate but sympathetic treatment of the men and the times with which they are concerned."—Sir John 1Villison.

" What Parkman did for the picturesque and almost romantic early history of Canada the authors of THE MAKERS OF CANADA have done for that period of our history which deals with the development of our Constitution and the expansion of the Dcminion."—Irving E. Struthers, Editor Canadian Life and Resources, ?Montreal.

"I may say that no books on Canadian history, with the possible exception of Parkman (whose volumes cover only the early period), have ever exercised for me such a continued and fascinating interest."—J. II, Woods, Editor and Managing Director, The Herald, Calgary.

Previous Pioneers of Ontario (1923)