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"The greatest enterprise in the book publishing line in Canada." —The Toronto Globe


It has been said by one of the great political philosophers that " Nation is a moral essence, not a geographical arrangement." In presenting to the public THE MAKERS OF CANADA series, the publishers wish to emphasize the fact that the work is intended to set forth the strenuous characters of Canadian history who assisted in developing what we now recognize as the essential spirit of the young Canadian nation. It is history written in a wealth of personal detail.

The series has come into being, not to meet the whim of publishers or editors, but to supply the need felt by all classes for a work dealing exhaustively with Canadian affairs from the standpoint of personal effort. It is, in fact, the outcome of demands made by men and women of all professions, educators of all grades, and, it may be said, by the people of Canada generally.

Thus, the series bears the stamp of national enterprise in a two-fold sense : it gives what has been widely asked for, and it conserves the national spirit by presenting in a life-like procession the explorers, colonizers, statesmen and reformers whose lives are perpetuated in the smallest act of present government, or the slightest expression of personal liberty.

"I believe that you have done a great service in issuing this series of historical works by the best scholars of the country. Never before has our country stood so high in the estimation of the world. The out-standing heroism of our Canadian fellow-countrymen in France and Flanders has drawn the eyes of the freedom-loving nations of the world to Canada.

"Hence there will be a great increase of interest in all that relates to this land, and in a particular degree to its splendid past, as set out in the pages of this set of books."—Charles R. McCullough, Hon. President, Association of Canadian Clubs.

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