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But during the night before the seeding, Buck died and Bright alone was left.

"Never mind," said the ex-preacher hope-fully to his wife; "if you sow the grain Maria I will yoke myself with Bright and we will pull the drag."

The yoking was effected and the first round started. There was a slight up-grade to the back of the field but on the return the ground sloped downward. Whether it was the lighter haul down, a furry ground-hog, or a belated realization of the sort of yoke-mate he had, is not known, but anyway Bright started on the jump and the ex-preacher had to jump, too. Maria, dropping her pan of wheat hurried to head them off.

"Don't get in the road, Maria," shouted her spouse as he ran for life dodging blackened stumps at the same time, "Don't try to head us off; we're running away."

At the end of the clearing Bright and his human yoke-fellow ran fair into a brush heap and were `fetched up all standing.' Maria, badly winded, got there almost as soon.

"Unhitch Bright, Maria," gasped the husband, "I'll stand."

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