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of Hebrew origin, Rama meaning `high'; Mara, 'bitter;' and Torah, `the law.' The only possible explanation that occurs to me is that a Jew may have been engaged in the survey of those townships."


It was in the last days of May, 1898, that I visited the township of Clarke and chatted with many old people in the neighbourhood. Best remembered amongst these are IL L. Powers, Samuel Billings, Thomas Thornton, John Bigelow, Simon Powers, Lewis Clark, John Parker, Aaron Davis, Joseph Fox, John Gardener, Thomas Hooper, Thomas Patter-son, Robert Burgess and his wife. These were the last of the Clarke pioneers. Of the fourteen whose names are mentioned none remain alive to-day, with the exception of Simon Powers, the father of Arthur Powers, one of the most untiring workers in the interests of the U.F.O. The first decade of the present century witnessed the departure of practically all that remained of those who had first-hand knowledge of pioneering days in what is now known as Old Ontario.

"Norman and Saxon and Dane are we," sang Tennyson in his greeting of Princess Alexandra when she came from her home in Denmark to wed the late hing Edward then Prince of Wales. Of equally mixed, and at least equally honour-able ancestry, are we in Canada. One illustration of this is given in a fragment of the family history of the one from whom I received most of the

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