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animals were not beaten off until friends came to Schneider's assistance. I have no doubt that if one of the wolves had got hold of his clothes he would have been dragged down and killed."

Mr. Beck told of an amusing incident connected with Mackenzie's candidature for Haldimand in 1815, after his return to Canada. "Mackenzie stopped at our place once during the campaign and held a meeting in the school-house on the corner of our lot," said Mr. Beck. "There was no disturbance; but at the conclusion of the address a number of questions were asked, for all of which the speaker had ready answers. Asked by a Conservative if he had not run away after the affair at Montgomery's Tavern, Mackenzie said: "I did, and if you had seen me on the back of the black mare you would have said I was making mighty good time, too."

The American Civil War and the old Reciprocity Treaty combined brought great prosperity to the farmers of Haldimand. Wages were low and farm products were high. "Labour was cheap," said Mr. Beck, "because the country was full of bounty jumpers and of `skedaddlers' who had run away to escape the draft for the Northern armies. There was no trouble in getting one of these for ten dollars per month. Some ingenious methods were devised in getting these runaways across the border. One woman brought her husband over in a box, which, according to the shipping bill, contained a breeding hog.

"The country was full of American buyers. 1 have seen these men bring over two or three shot bags filled with coin. In going back the

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