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seen half-tipsy men swarming all over the skeleton structures, but never saw a serious accident. At these raisings, the barns were christened like a ship at a launching, but whiskey instead of wine was used at the ceremony. Once, at a raising near Ancaster, I saw a man, bottle in hand, run up the peak where two rafters joined. There, balancing on one foot, he sang out:

"It is a good framing

And shall get a good naming. What shall the naming be?"


"Barn-raisings were community events."


"When the prearranged name was shouted back the man on the rafters so declared it as he cast the bottle to the ground. Was the bottle broken ? No, indeed! As it contained the best liquor supplied at the raising, care was taken to see that it fell on soft ground, and the moment it fell it was surrounded by a crowd of


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