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and up to the peak of the rafters scrambled Morrison. Whether from a sense of humour or not I do not know, but, as the cold increased, Morrison bethought himself of playing a tune for the howling pack below. So he took his fiddle from his case and struck up a lively tune, when, to his utter astonishment away scampered the brutes at topmost speed into the bush. He had many a laugh afterwards as he thought of himself on that cold still night beneath the

bright winter stars fid-

dling away from his lofty perch. Unconsciously he had stumbled upon what has become a well established fact that wolves are terrified by the strains of a violin. He never wanted for protection against wolves when on his lonely night tramps after that."

It may very well be added here, in connection with reference to township meetings, that Colborne was one of the

first townships to be municipally organized in the Huron Tract, convenience of access to the port of Goderich having facilitated early settlement there. In the last June of the past century, thanks to the courtesy of Henry Morris, of Loyal, I had the privilege of going over the first records of Colborne's municipal govern-



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