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did not run very long and some years later, when the property had fallen into decay, Vance visited the scene of desolation. As lie was standing on the wreck of the wharf looking into the water below some one asked him what was interesting him. "I am trying to discover where my thirty thousand dollars went," was the reply.


The family history of Mr. Henry Smith of Barrie, another descendant of the Sinic oe pioneers, is remarkable for its variety of colour. The name was originally Schmidt, and the first of the name in America was Heinrich Schmidt, an officer in the Hessian troops sent over by George III at the time of the American Revolutionary War. This Heinrich was the grand-father of Henry Smith, whose story follows :

"The troop-ship, on which my grandfather sailed to America, was eighteen weeks in crossing from Germany," said Mr. Smith. "So long was the voyage, that the officer in command of the troops asked the admiral of the fleet if he was quite sure that he had not passed America in the night. When my maternal grandmother, who was also with the troops, caught sight of a field of corn after landing, she exclaimed: `America must, indeed, be a rich country when there are so many ribbons here.' She mistook the leaves of the ripening corn, glistening in the evening sun, for ribbons hung out to dry.

"After the Revolution my grandfather received a grant of land in the township of Marys-burg, Prince Edward County, and that is how

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