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Charles and John, the former of whom married Stone's only daughter, Mary. But to the end of his long life he was the moving spirit in the community he had founded, with a keen eye to its material and moral welfare. As a Justice of the Peace he at times played the part of a little autocrat. "Play-actors" were a forbidden

thing in his little

kingdom. He classed them with "vagrants and vagabonds." In March, 1816, three "actors" appeared in Gananoque and advertised a performance to take place at the Brownson House, then recently built. The irate c o l o n e l waited on them and ordered them to "pass on from this House quietly and not to per-form the riotous feats of tumbling, etc."

Eleven years later, in September, 1827,

a n o t h e r band of

"The irate colonel waited on them

"play-actors" had the and ordered them not to perform temerity to visit Gan- the riotous feats of tumbling, etc."

anoque. But the lead-

er of the company, James R. Millor, did not move on promptly when ordered and the colonel issued this intensely interesting warrant, indicative of the times and the man :



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