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casins, splint or Indian brooms, and baskets of all kinds.

One of the most annoying things the pioneers had to contend against was the prevalence of bears, wolves, and foxes. It was almost impossible to keep sheep, pigs, or fowl from these rapacious nocturnal prowlers. How common

were wild beasts can

be gathered from the fact that J o s e p h Slack, an early settler near Farmersville (Athens) killed on his farm 192 deer, 34 bears, and 46 wolves. As a bounty of four dollars was paid for wolves' heads and two for those of bear, a skilful hunter could profit by the presence of these pests. But sometimes they men-aced the lives of the settlers. On one occasion a girl of sixteen was sent on horseback

with a bag of corn to "At times the wolves were so close

she could see their eyes gleaming

have it ground at the through the darkness."

mill in Yonge. It was

midnight before the corn was ground, but this dauntless lass began her return journey along the blazed path to her home. As she cantered along under the spreading trees she was startled by distant yelps and barks, which grew ever



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