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machines that came later were simply improved Pitts.

"There were no stoves in the early days and most of the fireplaces were built of a mixture of clay and straw. In the chimney was placed a cross-bar of wood or iron, and from this were hung the pots and kettles used in cooking. The pots were for cooking potatoes or pork and the kettles for baking bread. These kettles were usually about two feet in diameter, with an iron lid, and coals were placed above and below for


"If one of the lads found a big red ear of corn he had the privilege of kissing the lass next to him, and it is surprising how many big red ears were found."

baking. In some places brick or clay ovens were built outside the house.

"But," continued Mr. Riddell, "despite all the hardships of those days, and even if the larder was not always too well filled, they were the happiest period in our lives. Neighbours were always welcome in each other's homes to what-ever the board could provide. We had our sim-


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