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reaper, which appeared in 1847, was too light. 1Ielm & Son of Cobourg began making reapers about 1848 and secured first prize for their machine at the Provincial Exhibition. In 1860, I was judge at Dundas in a competition between self-raking reapers, but these did not prove successful. The Marsh harvester, first used in 1868, worked well in light grain, but in a heavy crop the two men who stood on the platform to bind could not keep up with the cutting. The first self-binder I saw was at a show at Roches-


"When moved from one farm to another the horse power was loaded on the front wheels of the wagon first and the thresher on top of that."



ter in 1868. The mowing-machine did not appear until 1.850 or 1852. The first I saw was made by Ketchum of Buffalo and cost one hundred dollars. It was heavy on horses and hard to manage. `Ball's Ohio,' which was put on the market soon afterwards, was long a favourite.

"The revolving wooden horse-rake was introduced about 1840 or 1841, the first one in our sec-


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