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the farm of which Nicholas Hagerman was the first owner. This Hagerman was the father of Chief Justice Hagerman and three members of parliament. A granddaughter married the Honourable John Beverley Robinson at one time the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.

"Scarcely had the pilgrims settled in their new home when a final resting-place had to be found for a child which had succumbed to the hardships sustained during the journey. The site selected for burial was on a slight eminence a little way back from the water's edge, and the grave prepared for the little one formed the beginning of the first cemetery laid out by those now peopling Ontario. Within the en-closure so formed the body of Nicholas Hager-man, one of the first practising lawyers in Canada, was laid later on; but the location of this grave is unknown to-day."

"You see," said the Rev. Mr. Forneri, who took up the story, "stones could not be procured at the time the first burials took place and the wooden slabs that were put up decayed in a few years. But before long tombstones could be procured, and if you visit a nearby graveyard you will find monuments marking the resting-places of Caseys, Ingersolls, Hoovers, Richmonds, Allisons, and Huffnails of that generation, while overshadowing all is a splendid granite shaft, bearing the inscription : `U. E. Loyalist Burying Ground, In Memory of the Loyalists who landed here June 16th, 1784.'

"But the extreme hardships of the very early days," broke in Mr. Allen, "before many years became a thing of the past. Probably no house-

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