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For (2). Make an entry in the Journal, debiting the person for what he receives on a/c, and at the same time crediting him for what he gives on a/c. Also make an entry in the Cash Book or Bill Book.

For (3). Make no entry in the Journal. Make an entry in the Cash Book or Bill Book. Payments of cash may be included with the Petty Cash Sales and entered in the Cash Book daily or weekly. In the case of a payment all in trade, such as butter and eggs brought in by the farmer, no entry is made at all.

128. Set X. Single Entry—Illustration Set—Grocery Business.

To the Pupil.—Study the illustrations, and then work this set out for yourself, in your work book.

Special Features.—Showing the difference between Single Entry and Double Entry. Method of ' changing a set of books from Single Entry to Double Entry.

Instructions :

  1. Books to be used—Journal, Order Book or Counter Check Book, Cash Book, Bank Cheque Book (for Bank A/c), Bill Book, and Ledger.

  2. flake entries in the Journal, Order Book or Counter Check Book, Cash Book, Bank Cheque Book, and Bill Book ; post to the Ledger from the Journal and Order Book ; you cannot take a Trial Balance (Why ?) ; take stock; make a Statement of Assets and Liabilities and a statement showing Gain ; enter the X et Gain in the Proprietor's A/c, and close it ; make the Journal entry, from the Asset and Liability Statement, necessary to change the books to Double Entry.


Berry d Co., Toronto, Ont.   Powers, L., Grimsby, Out.

Chapman, R., Niagara Falls, Ont.   All Others, St, Catharines, Ont. Dowd, H., Hamilton, Ont.

129. Transactions—Set X.—Illustration Set.

St. Catharines, November 1, 19---. W. J. Sykes commences the Grocery Business at # 173 St. Paul Street.

Assets : Cash $1500.68 ; balance on deposit in the Scholastic Bank $200 ; Mdse. $2000; Note at 30 days, against R. Chapman, for $300, dated Oct. 14, 19— ; S. Porter owes on a/c $100.50.

Liabilities : Note at one month, favour of L. Powers, for $150, dated Oct. 10, 19—; balance due H. Dowd on a/c, $250.

2. Deposited in Bank, $1400. (Stub.)

4. Sold R. Green, 121 St. Paul St., on a/c, 15# S. C. Tea @ 35c. ; 10# Rio Coffee @ 40c.; 2 gals. Coal Oil @ 20c.

5. Sold S. Porter, 82 Queen's Ave., 100# Gran. Sugar @ 5c. ; 3 gals. G. Syrup @ 40c. ; 1 bag Flour $2. Received in part payment 20 doz. Eggs @ 15c. ; 18# Butter @ 20c.

  1. Bought from Berry & Co. for cash, Mdse. $250, as per Invoice dated Nov. 2.

9. Cash Sales for the week, $350.

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