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  1. Received from E. Evans, cash for bill of 5th inst., less 3%.

Make two entries in the Cash Journal—the full amount on the one side for E. Evans, and X&29 on the other side for the Merchandise Discount. See example in Section 97, on June 27.

Proprietor took for private use, Silverware $50. (S.J.)

Remitted bank draft, purchased with cash, to settle our acceptance of June 5, $200; exchange i%.

9. Accepted G. Sloane & Co.'s draft, dated July 4 at 10 days, for the amount of Inv. June 29, $850.

Sold K. Clarke on a/c, 30 days, 10 doz. Watch Chains @ $7.50 ; 15 Ladies' Gold Watches @ $20.

Paid freight $7 in cash, on goods ordered from the Dominion Plating Co.

10. Bought from the Dominion Plating Co. on a/c, 30 days, Mdse. $600 as per Invoice dated July 6.

11. Sold E. Evans on a/c, 10 days, 3 doz. Ladies' Gold Rings @ $17 ; 6 doz. Watch Pendants @ $12.

Paid N. Ross for painting done to private residence, $10 from cash drawer.

Gave the Dominion Plating Co. on a/c, cash $75, and sight draft on R. Johnston for $100. (J. and C.J.)

  1. Returned to the Dominion Plating Co. defective goods, received on the 10th, $20.

Insured Store and contents in the Royal Assurance Co. for $4000 ; paid Premium $20 in cash.

13. Sold R. Johnston on a/c, 30 days, 2 doz. Eight Day Clocks @ $4 ea. ; 3 doz. Silver Watches @ $10 ea.

Petty Cash Sales for two weeks $450.

Received from E. Evans his cheque for $50, and his note dated July 11 at 10 days for $73, for bill of goods sold him on 11th inst.

15. Discounted E. Evans' note of the 13th at 6% and deposited the proceeds ; face $73, discount lie.

Drew on R. Johnston on a/c, a draft at 10 days for $150, in our favour.

16. Loaned E. E. Switzer on his note at 6 months, bearing interest at 7% per annum, payable at the Imperial Bank, $500 given him by cheque. Received from R. Johnston on a/c, a sight draft on W. Rankin for $100.

17. Settled our acceptance of the 9th with cheque for $400, and our note at 30 days, bearing interest at 6% per annum, for balance.

Paid freight $10 with cheque to the C. P. R., on goods ordered from G. Sloane & Co.

  1. Bought from G. Sloane & Co. on a/c, Mdse. $380 as per invoice dated July 16 at 15 days.

  2. Settled our note of the 6th inst. in cash.

  3. Sold E. Evans on a/c, 30 days, 8 Marble Clocks @ $30.

Deposited cash $500.

  1. Sold R. Johnston for his cheque, a job lot of Jewellery, $150.

Received from E. Evans on a/c, a draft at 10 days on the Dominion Plating Co. for $240.

23. Fire destroyed Mdse. worth $1000 ; received this amount on our insurance policy, and deposited the same.

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