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  1. Notice that the Sales Journal is much the same as the Cr. side of the Cash Journal. Merchandise is Cr. (Creditor) for the total sales, just as Cash is Cr. for the total payments ; and the other accounts opposite the dates are Dr. (Debtor) both in the Sales Journal and the Cash Journal.

  2. The date in the Sales Journal may be placed down the centre, as done in the last five entries—July 13 to 25, instead of down the left-hand side ; the ruling, paging, and dating will then be the same as in the ordinary Journal on page 30 ; in either case, be sure to leave a space between the entries.

  3. The Heading at the top may be " Merchandise Sales Cr." or " Sales Journal" or "St. John, N.B., July 3, 19-." The foregoing form of Sales Journal will, however, be simpler as a first step for the student.

109. Purchase Journal or Invoice Book.

All purchases of Merchandise are entered in this book, whether settled for at the time or not. It is used as a posting medium, from which each person named is credited for the amount purchased from him, and from which also, Merchandise is debited for the total amount of the month's purchases. When we pay for the goods at the time of purchase, say with cash, the person we purchase from is credited through the Purchase Journal for the amount of the purchase, and is debited through the Cash Journal for the cash payment ; if we pay with note or acceptance he will be debited through the Journal, or through the Bill Journal if it be used as a posting medium. See Section 99.

There are two forms of Purchase Journal in general use. One form is wider than the ordinary Invoice so that the Invoices may be pasted in, and leave room to rule a money column on the right , the amounts of the Invoice are extended into this column and totalled ; each person is credited for the amount purchased from him, and Merchandise is debited for the monthly total. The other form, of which there are many variations, is illustrated in Section 110 ; the July entries are from Set IX.; the August entries do not belong to anv set.

Brought forward 38 E. Evans, Fredericton, on a/c, 10 days.

3 doz. Ladies' Gold Rings

6 doz. Gentlemen's Watch Pendants
   13   R. Johnston, Chatham, on a/c, 30 days.

2 doz. Eight-Day Clocks, ea.   -

3 " Silver Watches, ea.   -   -

20 E. Evans, Fredericton, on a/c, 30 days.

8 Marble Clocks   -   -   -   -

22 R. Johnston, Chatham, cash.

Job Lot of Goods   -

Pupil, city, on a/c.

1 Silver Watch -

38 E. Evans, Fredericton, draft at 3 days.

1 doz. Fancy Card Receivers, ea.   242

6 " Napkin Rings   100

44 I   Merchandise   Cr.

51 72

96 360

24 6


11 40

38 40 39

1012 60




150 20

30 2031



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