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The Dominion Bank

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nay to the order of )Lecfae fi/iuz/X~~~   Sterling
as advised.

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Suppose that D. Proctor of St. John, wishes to send $100 to The Dominion Plating Co. of Toronto: He obtains a Bank Draft for the purpose, as follows : He steps into, say, the Scholastic Bank and fills in a Bank Draft Requisition Form, as shown in (c) on the next page ; the amount of exchange and the total are filled in by a bank clerk. He presents this at the wicket, and on payment of the amount specified in the Requisition, a bank clerk makes out and hands him a form similar to that shown in (a) above ; this he will mail to The Dominion Plating Co.

Scholastic Bank

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_Day to Se      or Order °O £ollars and charge to the account of l elevitA

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.//tanager, e. gee' lie" .iiccou,tant.

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