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Apr. 15. Paid insurance premium with cheque $7.50, to the Atlas Fire Insurance Co.

Apr. 20. Sold to the William Parker 4.). for their cheque on the Merchants Bank, 16 Hogs, 2850# @ 61c. Deposited the cheque in the Bank.

Apr. 30. Gave S. Pringle on a/c an order for goods on W. Kellow for $10.

May 1. Bought from the Brock Carriage Co. on my note at 5 months, 1 Heavy Wagon $90. May 5. Paid Jas. Dean, Blacksmith's bill to date in cash : Apr. 10, Shoeing Horses $2.25 ; Apr. 25, Repairs to Plow $1.85 ; May 1, 3 Plow Shares $1.50.

May 12. Sold to D. Marcus, Butter and Eggs $10.50, and traded them out in Groceries. May 23. Paid W. Kellow on a/c $25 in cash.

May 26. Bought from the Dominion Machine Co., 1 Hay Rake $35; gave cheque in payment. Sold Farm Produce to W. Kellow on a/c $21.20.

June 1. Sold to W. D. Peterson for cash, 12 Cattle @ $60. Deposited $700 in Bank. June 25. Bought from W. Kellow on a/c 125# Sugar @ 5c. ; 161 yds. Shirting @ 16c.; 61 yds. Tweed @ 90e. ; 2 prs. Shoes @ $1.75.

June 30. Gave T. Roberts an order for goods on W. Kellow for $15 on account of wages. July 18. Bought from M. Ellis for cash 4 Cattle at $22.50.

July 30. Petty Cash Sales of Farm Produce for June and July $75.

Aug. 12. Paid with cheque my note favour of J. Miller, due to-day.

Sept. 5. Paid J. Miller for 2 days' Threshing $22.50 cash.

Sept. 10. Bought from T. McMurray with cheque, 100 Lambs @ $3.75.

Sept. 20. Bought of J. Ellis with cheque, 6 tons Coal @ $6.50.


Sept. 30. Petty Cash Sales of Farm Produce for August and September $80.

Gave S. Pringle an order for goods on W. Kellow for $20.

Oct. 4. Paid my note favour of the Brock Carriage Co. in cash.

Oct. 30. Sold to the Acme Sugar Factory for cash, 1 car load of Sugar Beets $120. Paid freight in cash $16.50. (Charge Farm Produce.) Paid Taxes for the year in cash $72. Nov. 10. Paid W. Kellow in full of a/c $37.04 cash.

Nov. 28. Sold W. D. Peterson for his cheque, 98 Lambs @ $5.10. Deposited cheque in Bank. Nov. 30. Paid T. Roberts and S. Pringle balance due them, with cheque $   Petty Cash Sales of Farm Produce for October and November, $40.

Dec. 31. Paid church subscription to the Treasurer, M. Sinclair, with cheque $25.

INVENTORIES taken Dec. 81, 19-.

Asset Inventories :

Real Estate


Farm Implements


Farm Stock


Farm Produce


Results : Net Gain $629.91 ; Net Capital $18909.91.

74. Business Papers—Promissory Notes and Drafts.

A promissory note is a promise to pay ; a draft is a request to pay.

The parties to a promissory note are : (1) the maker, who signs the note and promises to pay it, (2) the payee, who is to receive the payment; when the payee writes his name across the back of the note he becomes the first endorser. In the following note, S. Cleaver is the maker, and B. Pearson is the payee and first endorser.

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