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The old form of Day Book and Journal, as two separate books, has been superseded by the Journal Day Book, a combination of these two, generally now called simply the Journal. At first the Pupil will post to the Ledger from the Journal Day Book only, but at a later stage he will use other Journals, such as the Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, Cash Journal, etc.

89. Set I.—Illustration Set—Double Entry—Dry Goods Business.

To the Pupil. Study the illustrations, and then work this set out for yourself. Write out the business papers mentioned in (c), either before commencing the set, or with each transaction as it is journalized. In the sets that follow, you will be keeping books or doing business in various towns and cities throughout the Dominion.

Special Features.—This set is worked out to illustrate Journal Day Book entries, posting, trial balance, financial statements, and the closing of the Ledger.

Instructions :

  1. Books to be used—Business Papers, Journal Day Book, and Ledger.

  2. Business Papers—Eotes on Mar. 23 and 25.

  3. Make out Business Papers and Journalize ; post to the Ledger ; take a Trial Balance ; take stock ; make a Statement of Losses and Gains, a Summary of G. Grand's A/c, and a Statement of Assets and Liabilities ; and close the Ledger.


Hunter, T., Toronto, Ont. Speller, J., Brockville, Ont.

40. Transactions—Set I.—Illustration Set.

Ottawa, March 1, 19—. G. Grand commences the Dry Goods Business at No. 35 Sparks St.

with the following Assets : Mdse. $2000; Cash $1500.

2. Sold J. Speller on a/c (account), 130 yds. Can. .Tweed @ $1.

  1. Bought from T. Hunter on a/c, Mdse. as per Invoice No. 1, $75.

  2. Paid for stamps and stationery, $5.

8. Sold J. Speller for cash, 90 yds. Scotch Tweed @ $1.50.

11. Bought from T. Hunter for cash, Mdse. as per Invoice No. 2, $125. 15. Paid W. Moore for painting store, cash $30.

20. Paid T. Hunter on a/c, cash $75.

23. Sold J. Speller on his note at 10 days, 1000 yds. F. Cotton @ 4c.

25. Bought from T. Hunter on our note at 30 days Mdse. as per Inv. 3, $200.

27. Received from J. Speller on a/c, cash $50.

29. Paid Pupil's salary as bookkeeper, $30.

Inventory taken March 30, 19—. Merchandise (See Section 49 for details) . . . . $2180.

41. Directory.

The Directory in each set gives the addresses of the persons with whom business is transacted. These addresses are to be used when making out the business papers.

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