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provide that every "male person" of the full age of twenty-one years, a British subject, not disqualified and duly entered on the list of voters and possessing the necessary residential qualification in the province and electoral district, should be entitled to vote at elections to serve in the Legislative Assembly.

From time to time deputations, from various organizations of women, waited upon the Government and sought to have the franchise extended to women, but it was not until 1917 that the legislature enacted that every person should be entitled to entry on the voters' list who fulfilled the qualifications as to age, nationality and residence required by the law.

For the convenience of those who desire to know what the actual qualifications for voting at provincial elections are now, the following sections of The Election Laws Jmendment 14ct, 1920, are inserted:

Who may vote.

6. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, in an electoral district, in which an election to the Assembly is held, the following persons being entered on the proper polling list and no others shall be entitled to vote at such election:

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