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  1. Tenants holding leases extending over the time for which the debt or liability is to be granted, or in which the money to be raised for the proposed by-law is payable, or for at least twenty-one years, and to have coven-anted to pay all municipal taxes in respect of the property, otherwise than local improvement taxes, and to have filed with the clerk of the municipality, not later than ten days before the date of polling, a declaration under The Canada Evidence 14ct, verifying these qualifications.

  2. Persons assessed as owners of an amount sufficient to qualify them to vote at a municipaI election.

  3. Nominees of corporations, who have filed an appointment of such nominees with the clerk of the municipality ten days before polling.

The husband or wife of a person entered on the roll as an owner is not entitled to vote on a money by-law.


In the case of a rural school section, that is, in townships, every person who is a ratepayer in the section and every other person who is qualified to vote at municipal elections and who resides in the section, and is not a sup-porter of separate schools, is entitled to vote at an election of trustees and on every question

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