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partial or permanent partial disability a corresponding amount in proportion to the impairment of his earning capacity.

The Act, although strictly administered, has proved of tremendous advantage to the industrial classes, and of special value to the female dependents of workmen in maintaining family life for the benefit of the children. It has an additional advantage in encouraging greater regard for the comfort and safety of employees on the part of employers and rendering the enforcement of regulations, covering industrial operations more efficient on the part of the officers charged with the administration of such Acts as The Factory Shop, and Office Building Oct and The Buildings Trades Protection Oct.

The Act is administered by a board of three members, the chairman being a barrister, and claims are settled by the board as far as possible by direct communication with the claimant; the policy of the board being to prevent as far as possible the incurring of any unnecessary expense by the workman as well as by the employer.

The board may re-open and re-adjust any

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