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information and advice and has made thou-sands of warm friends and supporters through-out the Province by its activities in this regard.

Vaccination against smallpox is provided

for by The Vaccination Oct. This Act re-

quires the persons in control of any hospital or dispensary receiving aid from the Government to keep at all times on hand an adequate supply of vaccine matter for public vaccination, free of charge for poor persons, and at their own expense for all other persons who may desire to be vaccinated, the fee for vaccination being limited to fifty cents. They must also furnish to every legally qualified practitioner such reasonable quantities of vaccine matter as he may from time to time require. The Government aid to any hospital will be withheld unless this supply is kept on hand. Every local municipal corporation must arrange for vaccination at the expense of the corporation of all indigent persons and all such other persons as may desire to be vaccinated at their own expense. If the corporation neglects its duty in this respect the local board of health may make

7 L.O.

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