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results would be obtained by a complete separation of the refuge from the reformatory. In the course of time other institutions were established by charitable and religious bodies known as industrial refuges for girls, and the industrial refuge as a distinct part of the Mercer Reformatory has passed out of existence.

The situation of the Mercer Reformatory in an industrial locality, which is becoming crowded, is unsuitable, and does not afford proper opportunity for outdoor occupation of the inmates. The disposal of the present site and buildings, as in the case of the old Central Prison, and the removal of the institution to a distance from the city, are much needed reforms.

The necessity for closer regulation and inspection of industrial refuges brought about the passing in 1919 of a new Act, the pro-visions of which may be briefly noted here.

These industrial refuges are intended for the care of girls and young women, who, while not guilty of any crime, have shown themselves to be unmanageable and in-corrigible, or, while not distinctly feeble-

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