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security may be followed by committal to


the common gaol for a period of not more


than six months.


The death of the mother pending proceed-


ings does not interfere with the application.


Some misunderstanding has existed with


regard to the effect of the Act in case of the


death of the father against whom an order


has been made.   An affiliation order binds


his estate after his death, but no proceedings


can be taken under the order after death


without   leave   of   the   judge,   who,   before


granting the leave, must see that notice has


been given to the wife and legitimate children


of the father and to all other persons interested


in his estate.   Where it appears to the judge


that the terms of the affiliation order cannot


be carried out without depriving the widow



or   legitimate   children   of   necessary   main-


tenance he must vary the order in such a


way that the widow of the father and his


legitimate children will   be   duly   provided


for before his illegitimate child.


The   Act   sanctions   the   making   of   an


agreement   by   the   father   without   taking


further proceedings, but the agreement must







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