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the bill, which was introduced early in the Session, and was before the House for more than two months and ultimately became law on the first day of July, 1921. The new Act repealed the old Illegitimate Children's 14ct and instituted an entirely new method of dealing with the maintenance of children born out of wedlock.

The Act provides for an officer known as the Provincial Officer to have charge of the administration of the Act and authorizes the appointment of the necessary staff, the expenses of the administration being borne out of a special appropriation by the Legislature.

Better provision is made for the notification of the birth of an illegitimate child through the division registrar, that is the clerk of the municipality, and the Deputy Registrar General, who are to notify the Provincial Officer of any such birth registered under

The Vital Statistics 14ct, whether the child

is registered as an illegitimate child or not, or if the registration is made in such a manner as to suggest that the parents are unmarried or unknown, the notification including such other particulars as may be required by

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