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election may be exercised on her behalf by the official guardian.

It is not unusual for a husband in making his will to leave to his wife property or a sum of money with a statement that she is to make her election as to whether she will take this property or her dower, and in this case, if the wife elects to take the provision made for her by the will she forfeits her right to dower.


Where a man dies intestate and leaves a widow but no children, and the net value of his estate does not exceed one thousand dollars the whole of it belongs to his wife absolutely and exclusively. Where the net value exceeds that amount, the widow is entitled absolutely to one thousand dollars out of the estate and will have a charge thereon for that sum with interest from the date 'of the death of the intestate at four per cent. per annum, but as to real property, this provision applies only where the wife elects to take an interest in her husband's undisposed of real property in lieu of dower. The right to the one thousand dollars is, of course, subject to the payment

3 L.O.

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