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assigned to her as tenant for her life, or to distrain for or sue for the yearly or gross amount agreed to be paid. The registration of the instrument constitutes it a lien upon the land for such yearly or gross amount.

A widow who is entitled to dower may bring an action for its recovery and will be entitled to damages for its detention. Where there is no agreement, and the right to dower is enforced, an assignment of dower is made by commissioners appointed by the sheriff to assign the dower. In certain cases a yearly sum may be assigned by the commissioners, where, from peculiar circumstances, it is not possible to make a fair and just assignment by metes and bounds.

Under The Devolution of Estates flct, a

widow may elect to take her interest under that Act in her husband's undisposed of real property in lieu of all claim of dower, and unless she so elects she will not be entitled to share in the undisposed of real property. She may be required to make this election within six months after the service of notice to do so by the personal representative of the estate. If she is an infant or a lunatic the right of

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