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sions for marriages by churches and denominations which have no recognized minister. These special provisions include the denominations known as the Disciples of Christ, the Salvation Army, the Farringdon Independent Church, and the Brethren.

Clergymen or ministers temporarily resident in Canada may officiate subject to compliance with the provisions as to registration.

Marriages in the Society of Friends are specially recognized, the reason for this being that, according to the customs of that body, marriage is an act performed by the parties themselves—the taking one another, in the presence of the meeting, to be husband and wife, the clerk recording the act in the minutes of the meeting, and being charged by law with the performance of the duties imposed by The Vital Statistics Act in other cases upon the minister or clergyman solemnizing the marriage.

Before a marriage can be solemnized a license, or a certificate in lieu of a license, must be procured from an issuer of marriage licenses, or the intention to marry must be proclaimed, this custom being generally

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