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" RUGGED type of primal man,

prim utilitarian ;

Loving woods for hunt and prowl,

Lake and hill for fish and fowl." — WHITTIER.

I HAD almost forgotten to say that our road to the mines ran across an Indian reservation. After the white men had disposessed the red men of the lands they had owned for many centuries, then the generous Christian granted back again a small portion of his plunder. A few Indians have lingered on these acres well watered by streams and lakes, but his pale-face brothers come there by dozens to whip the waters for trout. Long ago the Indians bowed to the inevitable ; resistance to the invaders became hopeless.

About three hundred and fifty years ago the French made the acquaintance of these people of the forest. That was their first introduction to Europeans. They were hunters and trappers and fishers. Not a single tool or weapon of metal could be found among them. They

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