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find that nothing short of a providential watching would prevent them from devouring the prophet's morsel.

An old fourteenth-century manuscript writ-ten in the English of that time relates in rude verse the raven's outgoing from the ark as follows :

" Then opin Noe his windowe

Let ut a rauen and forth he flew Dune and up, sought here and thare A stede to sett upon somewquar, Uppn the water sone he find A drinklcd beste ther flotand Of that fless was he so fain To ship come he neuer againe."

Spenser, the old poet, tells us of

"The hoarse night rauen trump of doleful drere."

Shakespeare has it that the raven


" Tolls

The sick man's passport in her hollow bill, And in the shadow of the silent night

Doth shake contagion from her sable wings."

It was believed that the nestlings could be made into medicine, and here is the way to do it as given by Guillim, who wrote so long ago that his English may not be understood at a glance :

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