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BIRDS.   129


to the work, and to the birds we owe a great consideration.

I am thinking that some readers with naturalist's taste may turn over these pages for information and recreation, and it is my aim that something of both may be found here.

To begin with the information, I set down a list of such birds as one with good eyes and ears for them would identify in the course of two or three years, making about four trips a week with an old horse and plenty of time and enthusiasm over the Molega Road :


Hermit Thrush, or Swamp Robin, Turdus analasLce. Olive-backed Thrush, Turdus ustulatus.

Robin, Merida migratorius.

Cat-bird, Galeoscoptes carolinensis.


Summer Yellow Bird, Dendroica eestiva. Black-throated Green Warbler, Dendroica virens. Black-throated Blue Warbler, Dendroica cerulesens. Black-polled Warbler, Dendroica coronata. Chestnut-sided Warbler, Dendroica pennsylvanica. Bay-breasted Warbler, Dendroica castanenea. Cape May Warbler, Dendroica tigrina. Black-and-Yellow Warbler, Dendroica maculosa. Yellow Red-Poll Warbler, Dendroica palmarum.

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