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like domes of Eastern temples in a picture landscape.

In these early sunny days of the month the atmosphere is perfect, the light is softened and tempered by the tints and colors of ripened foliage. Thistles and milkweeds have sent their winged seeds on the friendly winds to be sown far and wide, to improve their chances for life ; and now, looking into the sunbeam, one sees these silken voyagers loitering and playing with the zephyrs, till the dew-damp air saturates their wings and they come to earth, perchance to germ and grow, perchance to perish.

Amid all this autumn ripeness here is our witch-hazel, Hamamelis virginianus, tricked out in the bravery of yellow flowers, growing on the same branches with the nut-like seeds and fading leaves. I think this curiosity is generally unobserved. The blossom is rather a curious or exceptional make-up, but it is pretty in color and dainty in structure. A calyx or cup notched on the rim holds a tiny boquet of four strap-shaped petals, and eight stamens, and two styles.

This late display of blossoms is only getting ready for an early start in the spring. Then all the seed will be set, and may proceed to grow

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