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also " fearfully and wonderfully made. "


closed in that burnished tiny shell is a complete nervous system, a complete digestive apparatus, and organs of generation for the propagation of its kind. There are delicate muscles to move the wings and legs. There is a system for the circulation of blood, organs for breathing air, and a marvellous brain to preside over all, to receive messages from the eyes and ears, and act upon the messages intelligently. The eyes are constructed of hundreds of little crystal facets or lenses on the outside, while within, the mechanism of vision is more complicated still. We do not know what such a creature has for a world. He can see and hear and feel, lie can suffer from hunger and fear, he can act intelligently, he knows his kind and likes to have great numbers of them about him. He does not know much beyond his little cove or eddy, and neither do we ; he soon comes to the limits of his knowledge, so do we. Our special advantage is in a wider range of intelligence, but in an infinite universe neither man nor beetle ever does more than learn a little. It is our privilege to extend our knowledge by studying this wonderful world. No greater nor grander is likely to be found anywhere, and nothing that lives is insignificant, because all are the products of infinite resources.

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