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a party to this transaction, and helps to carry out the plan ; and we cannot well hold that the tree exercises any will in the matter, but it must do the proper tiling when operated on, or the drill is in vain. This tool implies the helpful co-operation of the tree ; with that under-standing it was constructed, and the oak lives strictly up to the terms, and becomes foster-mother to the brood of an insect, that wounds and poisons the wound to start the apple or gall. This is the golden rule in practice where one would least expect to find it. Say the Hindoo scriptures :

" Be like the sandal-tree that perfumes the ax that cuts it ; but the oak, with injured cells, pierced by this Cynips confduens, proceeds at once to build a neat, safe house, and stores around the eggs a concentrated food, and introduces a bitter element into the apple shell, to make it distasteful to birds and squirrels, and grows horns and legs in the cradle of the grubs in order that no prying jay or woodpecker shall try to swallow it."

Here we are dealing with small objects as we are wont to measure them, but they are deeply involved with great questions. Saturn and his rings and moons in all their stately grandeur are not invested with the reverent interest

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