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" What it hath wrought is better than bath been ; Slow grows the splendid pattern that it plans Its wistful hands between."


An evolutionist may fail to believe in God, and there are irreverent astronomers, but the God of an evolutionist is not a shadowy possibility, nor an absentee deity from this world, but an indwelling presence, not identical with material nature, but no material world apart from him. He may say for himself,

"I am the mote in the sunbeam, and I am the burning sun. `Rest here,' whispers the atom ; I call to the orb, ` Roll on!' I am the blush of the morning and I am the evening's breeze I am the leaf's low murmur, the swell of the terrible seas; I am the breath of the flute, I am the mind of man ; Gold's glitter, the light of the diamond, the sea-pearl's lustre


I am what was, will be, creation's ascent and fall ;

The link, the chain of existence, beginning and end of all."


We are not heedful enough of our trees. When Abraham bought the field and the cave of Machpelah "all the trees that were in the field, that were in all the borders round about, were made sure ; " and he did not cut them down, but sat under their shade, where aforetime he had entertained angels. A treeless world would be a manless world, so far as this planet is concerned. The forests can do better without man, but we could not do without them. Not only do

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