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This splendid swamp extends many miles to-wards Blackwater Junction.

Valleydon (Donlands).—Take Metropolitan line to Eglington Avenue; walk east two miles, crossing the Don and continuing about one-half mile. More easily reached by taking the C.P.R. to Valleydon and walking south-west.

Weston.—Take Dundas cars to Keele Street, i.e., the end of the Dundas line; transfer to Weston car; go nearly to the end of line, i.e., till the street leading to the bridge across the Humber is reached ; cross the bridge and turn south along the river.

Wilcox Lake.—Take Metropolitan line to Currie's Crossing; walk east to eastern end of lake. Continuing east about half a mile leads to an interesting sphagnum swamp on north side of road. Turning to the north at eastern end of lake leads into a low-lying wooded tract.


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