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Port Perry.—Take G.T.R. to Whitby; then transfer to the Port Perry line ; leave train at Port Perry and go eastward until the marsh is reached.

Queenston Heights.—Take a Niagara boat from the foot of rouge Street, east side of wharf, to Queenston, and walk or ride up the heights.

Scarborough Heights.—See at end of chapter on Geology.

Snelgrove.—Take C.P.R. to Snelgrove and walk northward through the village. About 1½ miles beyond are to be found an extremely interesting series of peat bog ponds, around which are many plant rarities.

St. David's.—Take the boat to Queenston and walk up the heights as far as the road leading along the foot of the cliff ; walk westward until the railway is reached; walk south along the track.

Swansea.—Take Queen Street car to Sunnyside and walk west; or take suburban car to bolt factory, then turn north. A short walk leads to the old belt line.

Toronto Island.—Ferry at foot of Bay Street to Island Park, Hanlan's Point or Ward's Island.

Uxbridge Swamp (Wick).—Take G.T.R. to Uxbridge; continue along the railroad about two miles. 408


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